Fashion has been a part of life since humans learned that fabric could be manipulated in a multitude of ways to create what we now know as clothes, shoes, and other garments. This discovery has led to many famous creative minds designing some of the most luxurious brands on the planet thus creating a sub-society for those devoted to fashion.

Just like anything else in the world this industry created a plethora of jobs and many kids began to dream to rank amongst the best designers in the world. Then, there are those who design for their own personal reasons and don't want to necessarily compete with the "luxury" brand names. There's a designer with a unique mission popping on the scene out of Pontiac, Michigan.

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Gueringer the 13th from Pontiac is the owner and designer of Chiefy Tribe, one of the newest brands on the market. Chiefy Tribe offers many different types of fashion apparel and the mission isn't to just make money off fashion, but something far more important. When asked for a quote about being a designer, his brand, and the process Gueringer said:

"I decided I wanted to be a designer officially around 2018/19 but I’ve been drawing clothes & shoes since 5th grade.  The products I offer range from tops, bottoms, shoes, purses, and hopefully watches one day soon. The inspiration behind my company was being more than luxury high-priced clothes or affordable accessible clothes. I wanted to create purpose clothing so that when you wear It there’s a story. The decision that went into my sneaker release was the style I want to give and the color. Dealing with manufacturers for 2-3 years to get the idea correct. I feel great. People from overseas are asking for the shoe. It makes me feel like how I thought Michael Jordan felt when he released his. It does serve the purpose that I wanted it to."

Clothing, shoes, and accessories have become one of the most significant ways to express oneself. Sometimes people get wrapped up in the brands they were and how much they cost but I think brands made in the likes of Chiefy Tribe are the way to go.

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