Sources say it's not a matter of if they arrive, it's when.

Got arachnophobia?

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Then you may want to skip to the bottom!

In early 2022 every news outlet was covering the Joro Spider a.k.a. Trichonephila clavata. Not only do they have a weird name, but they also look like something straight out of Stephen King's It.

joro spider
Joro Spider - Canva

They ugly.

Although they were first discovered in the U.S. near Georgia way back in 2013, the Joro Spider was expected to invade the east coast last year, but it seems like all the fuss about them came and went.

So, Are We Safe Now?

Well, it turns out we were never really in danger in the first place! While their appearance is no doubt off-putting, much like our friend the possum these giant venomous flying spiders are actually quite helpful.

In fact, the Joro Spider might actually help us because their diet consists of insects like mosquitoes, stink bugs, and all those other pesky insects that pester us here in The Mitten.

What About the Venom?

Experts say in most cases coming into contact with a Joro Spider should not have devastating effects, unless you're allergic. According to USA Today,

While the Joro spiders' size may be intimidating, they are rather timid and do not pose a danger to humans, dogs or cats. They are venomous, but don't bite humans or pets unless they are cornered, and their fangs don't penetrate human skin.

While I still wouldn't want to stumble across a Joro Spider by surprise that actually offers some relief.

Maybe having Joro Spiders around will actually be a good thing after all!

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