These expertly crafted beverages are sure to quench your thirst!

A new year means a fresh start. People often take this time to focus on self-improvement and shedding bad habits. Whether it's working on your diet, exercise, or financial goals, there's plenty of progress to be made.

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What's 'Dry January'?

Have you ever heard of someone say they're participating in Dry January? Perhaps you've even participated yourself. Dry January is simply that: taking a month off from consuming alcohol.

According to new data more than 260 million Americans plan to participate in Dry January this year with many others trying a more lax "damp January" instead; yes, these are real terms look it up!

Thankfully we've seen a rise in the mocktail in recent years. In fact, you can find plenty of Michigan-made non-alcoholic distilled spirits and beers in stores right now, including Short's Brewing's new hop flavored water the "Thirst Mutilator."

Whether it's for the next 31 days or beyond, here's where you enjoy a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage in the Kalamazoo area:

HighDive Kitchen + Bar

HighDive Kalamazoo
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The restaurant, which opened in early 2023, says their new mocktail menu features, "all of the flavor with no alcohol" and offers everything from N/A mojitos, old fashioneds, and you have a taste for the finer things try their espresso martini made with espresso, vanilla, and hot shot syrup.

Stamped Robin

Google Maps
Google Maps

This has everything you want in a cocktail bar: ambiance, fantastic drinks, and it's located downtown. Stamped Robin's mocktails are not only alcohol-free but they're also caffeine free. Try their "No Fashioned" using Lyre's NA dark cane spirit, aromatic bitters, and demerara sugar and tell me you can't taste the difference.

Traveler's Café and Pub

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you've got a big group and need a place everyone can agree on, Traveler's is it! Offerings include non-alcoholic margaritas and mai-tais or you can craft your own libation using their full line of zero-proof liquor.

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