If you thought allergies only wreak havoc in spring-- you're wrong!

I've even heard of fall allergies too. But winter? That's news to me. If you've found yourself sniffling and sneezing over the last several weeks just know you're not alone.

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I'm not someone who typically suffers from spring and fall allergies, so when I recently found myself with a stuffy head and runny nose I wasn't exactly sure what the culprit was. Was it Covid? Was it a head cold?

Nope! It turns out there's an allergen for every season here in Pure Michigan. Lucky us.

Maple Syrup Michigan

What's Making Me Sneeze?

While we've been cooped up indoors for the last several months we've certainly been exposed to plenty of indoor allergens that build up over time like dust, mold, and pet dander, but according to Port Huron E.N.T. in St. Clair County Michigan's maple trees may be to blame!

In Michigan, maples can begin pollinating as early as late February, and the weed allergy season now lasts well into November. This leaves only December and January as safe from pollinating trees, grass, and weeds.

True, Michigan's maple syrup season typically coincides with the start of spring in March, but thanks to climate crisis that start date falls earlier and earlier each year. To which Port Huron E.N.T. adds,

Another reason for increased winter allergies could be due to climate change, according to researchers at the University of Michigan. New research published in 2022 linked longer and more intense allergy seasons to climate change.

winter allergies michigan

Reducing Allergy Symptoms

With winter getting shorter and spring starting earlier, unfortunately it doesn't seem like we'll see any relief here in The Mitten anytime soon. To avoid or lessen allergy symptoms experts recommend:

  • Using an air purifier and HEPA system
  • Keeping humidity levels low to inhibit mold growth
  • Vacuum and wash bedding frequently
  • Changing the filter on your furnace regularly

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