People say money does not solve problems. I am guessing the people that say that and believe it to be true, have money.

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My guess is money could solve a lot of problems for the people that live in the ten poorest cities in Michigan. According to The Worker's Rights, these 10 Michigan cities are on the list because of the following reasons,

  • An above-average percentage of people live in poverty.
  • An above-average percentage of people are unemployed or are not earning as much as they should.

Unfortunately, we tend to see the same cities on this list year after year. Flint and Detroit are on the list as are Highland Park and Saginaw, you can see the complete list below. I would like to point out that just because these 10 cities are on this list, it does not mean they still do not have a lot to offer.

Michigan cannot have a list of the poorest cities, without having a list of the richest cities. The wealthiest cities in the Great Lakes State include Birmingham, Grosse Point Park, and East Grand Rapids. You can see the complete list of the 10 Richest Cities in Michigan here.

If you live in one of these cities, I am curious to know what you think about being a part of this list. Please be sure to reach out with any thoughts or comments.

Here are the 10 Poorest Cities in Michigan.

10 Poorest Cities In Michigan

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