Michigan beat Michigan State 32-23 in East Lansing today as Heisman Trophy candidate Jabrill Peppers added to his highlight reel.

Peppers picked up a fumble and ran the entire field late in the game. The final 40 yards of his run was timed at 3.77 seconds.

MSU fumbled while attempting a 2-point conversion down 7 late in the 4th quarter. Peppers scooped up the ball and ran the entire field to give Michigan a 9-point lead and seal the game for the Wolverines.

Peppers ran from the 40 yard line to the goal line in 3.77 seconds. That's a phenomenal time. 4.24 is the fastest 40-yard time ever recorded at the NFL combine, although some say Bo Jackson did it in 4.12 seconds. Of course, you also have to consider that Peppers got a running start.

Peppers also ran 40 yards pretty fast this summer without a running start.

The 3.77 starts the moment Peppers' foot hits the 40 yard line and ends the moment he leans across the goal line (an act that seems to indicate he was indeed attempting to run the final 40 yards as fast as he could).

Running start or not, Peppers' final 40 yards was as fast as they come.

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