It’s not a big surprise. But many still consider a ruling from Michigan Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Stevens to be disappointing in the least. The Judge is ruling that a lawsuit challenging Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s mailing of absentee ballot requests to Michigan voters who never asked for the paperwork, is allowable. The people behind the lawsuit claimed that documentation has to be requested by a voter from their local election clerk and cannot be provided otherwise.  It weakens the security of the absentee ballot system they said.  But the Judge is ruling that the Secretary of State has overriding authority over the state election system and whoever is in that position can pretty much do whatever they want when it comes to managing elections and voting. Critics are pointing to the judge as being an overt supporter of the Whitmer administration.  The Judge was the first to rule against the state legislature in its lawsuit claiming the Governor has gone too far with COVID-19 virus control measures while not getting the agreement of the legislature. But the issue of automatically assuming Michigan voters wanted an absentee ballot form may not be settled.  Back in June when the lawsuit was filed, the plaintiffs asked for an immediate injunction. The Judge refused that request. But the Judge is now granting the state’s request to dismiss the lawsuit. The Plaintiffs immediately appealed. There’s no word how long it may take for the Court of Appeals to begin work on the issue.

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