Check out these crazy top wind speeds for your area.  Wow!

It was the craziest wind we've experienced in West Michigan in a very long time.  That coupled with freezing rain that changed to snow was a perfect storm for a power outage disaster.

We asked Jeff Porter of WWMT News Channel 3 just how bad that wind was Sunday.  Here are the numbers.

Peak Gusts (MPH)

St. Joe: 61
Springfield: 60
Muskegon: 60
Bradley: 59
Grand Rapids: 59
Holland: 58
Saugatuck: 58
Marshall: 55
South Haven: 54
Portage: 53
Kalamazoo: 53
Galesburg: 51


St. Joe was just 11 MPH from F1 tornado wind speeds.

As for today (Monday) be cautious of tree branches and other debris in the road ways.  Keep in mind, there is a solid sheet of ice on many roadways under the snow that could make avoiding debris dangerous.

Be safe out there West Michigan.


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