So a couple of us were talking today, and I asked, is the Post Office open? I have a lifetime warranty on some fancy headphones, and would like to ship it to get them replaced. I know I get mail delivery, but I was wondering about the post office itself.

Turns out, yes, the post office is open. They are practicing social distancing and most postal workers are wearing masks, but if you need some stamps or something shipped like I do, yes, they are essential and open for business.

If you log onto the Post Office website, they do offer various options, too. If you have a package that needs shipping and have a door step, they'll pick it up for free. Like so many other things, there are online ways of getting things done. Though scrollling through the website, you do see exceptions, like this one: "USPS has temporarily suspended the guarantee on Priority Mail Express International® service destined for China, Hong Kong, and some European countries due to widespread airline cancellations and restrictions."

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