Our community came together after hearing about the Kalamazoo grandma who lost everything in an arson.

One week after 84-year-old Nancy Harwood barely escaped a blaze in her home of over 40 years comes a very happy update. A GoFundMe set up to help Grandma Harwood get back on her feet has exceeded the initial goal as well as expectations. Not only is Kalamazoo's honorary grandma have the needed funds to start over, but volunteers have helped her and her family get settled into her new home.

Grandma Harwood's grandson Cody had this to say in the happy update,

Thank you again for all of your generous donations. The community has truly come together for her and thanks to you all Grandma Nancy is now in her new home!! Over the past few days we were able to locate a perfect home for her about 20 minutes outside the city. It needed a bit of work before moving in but thanks to numerous volunteers we were able to get it move in ready within 48 hours! In addition to the monetary gifts, we had many members of the community reach out with Donations of furniture, clothing, and labor that we couldn’t have gotten it done without. We aren’t finished yet but the amount of progress made in a few days has absolutely amazed the entire family. This went from a tragedy we did not know how we were going to be able to handle to a true miracle.

Grandma Harwood was very humbled by the outpouring of generosity and according to her grandson, even felt undeserving. While many of us are divided on so many things, everyone came together to make sure Grandma Harwood was safe and taken care of. Now "Kalamazoo's Grandma" has a request. She wants us to turn to our homeless veterans and lend them a hand.

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