The way restaurants come and go in this area, you never know, but Kelvin and Company is coming back. "Bigger and better" is a cliche, but after a broken water pipe almost destroyed it, in this case it's true.

Kelvin and Company only opened on the final day of March 2017. There were long lines on opening day. Things were going well. Initial reaction was positive.

The disaster came in November with a remodel project to the 2nd floor apartments directly above the restaurant. A water line broke, and did extensive damage. An estimated 200 gallons of water put the fledgling restaurant into a whole world of hurt.

But the urban BBQ joint will re-open on Tuesday, January 2nd, with a new ceiling, walls, and new hardwood floors. And owner/ Executive chef Mark Nieuwenhuis’ vision is still to "offer fast service, amazing food with fresh ingredients", according to a DKI news release.​


The 95.3 WBCK Restaurant Road Tour stopped at Kelvin and Co. in October for a sponsored event.



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