The KzooConnect blog has promoted all things Kalamazoo for four years. Now, it's originator has gifted that blog to people that run the Kalamazoo Promise.

The KzooConnect blog was a promotional arm of Welsh and Associates since its inception in March of 2014. It's aim has been to put a positive spotlight on the Kalamazoo area and the people and events that go on here.

Now, Welsh and Associates President and CEO Sheri Welsh has decided to gift that blog to The Kalamazoo Promise.

“KzooConnect has been a great avenue for sharing all the wonderful stories and opportunities that Kalamazoo has to offer,” Welsh said. “When I began to think about the future of KzooConnect, I knew that The Kalamazoo Promise was the perfect fit to take the blog and run with it. My company has evolved since the inception of KzooConnect, While I still love the people and stories we highlight, we’re ready to pass on the torch to a group that can take it to the next level – and The Promise is the right group to do just that. - Welsh and Associates release

In the same release, Von Washington, Jr., the Executive Director of Community Relations for The Kalamazoo Promise, said there are some changes planned for KzooConnect.

“We want people to see their future in Kalamazoo not elsewhere. We believe that KzooConnect has embraced this message and we see the opportunity to use KzooConnect to better connect and communicate with families and employers that Kalamazoo is a place for everyone”.

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