Yesterday I received the following email from one of you, my listeners.  I was so impressed by Grace's emotion in the email and how eloquently she expressed her feelings, I had to share the letter with you:

From Grace


When will we become a respectful people again? Will we ever go back to "love they neighbor"?

Just 16 short years ago this America drew together in a bond of fierce patriotism like at no other time in my brief lifetime. It was an amazing display of gratitude, thankfulness and oneness.

Where is that now??

The American people have allowed progressive liberalism to demean us, to box us into classes - sexual preference, religion, race, gender, age, among others.

I can perfectly fit into many of their boxes all at the same time without bring self-limiting.

What happened to "all men are created equal?"

Why have we trashed the Declaration of Independence? Why are we so eager to depart from our Constitution?

There was a time when opinions were respected, not necessarily agreed with, yet respected. There was a time we cared about the well-being of others. There was a time we were open to discussion in order to be informed so we can formulate our opinion.

Now we are force fed beliefs, threatened when our opinions differ and we allow others tell us what to think and believe.

We teach our children to be respectful and stand up to bullies. Yet we sit on the sidelines and let ourselves be bullied. A double standard our children are observing. I find it interesting that the young people in our country are so rude and disrespectful. Are they taking the lead from us?

Social media has also allowed the cowards to come out from behind the curtains and bully, intimidate, harass, demean and belittle without consequence.

It is time that the America people take our country back. Restore respect and love of country. We need to stand up for one another. We need to get back to our roots of kindness and compassion for one another.

At our core, we are American."

Great job Grace!  I am so proud and honored that you are a listener of mine.

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