The Detroit News is reporting actress Melissa Gilbert, best know for playing Laura Ingalls in the 1974-83 TV series "LIttle House on the Prairie," is running for Congress in Michigan's 8th District, a part of which is in the Lansing area.

Melissa Gilbert Signs Copies Of Her Children's Book "Daisy And Josephine"
(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Gilbert is married to actor Timothy Busfield ("thirtysomething", "The West Wing", "Field of Dreams") and the couple lives in Howell. She'd be running as a Democrat.She has never held political office, but was president of the Screen Actors Guild for eight years.

Republicans have been quick to point out she is behind on paying her federal taxes, owing somewhere around $360,000. Her opponent would be incumbent Mike Bishop, who replaced influential Republican Mike Rogers, who chose not to run.

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