30 degrees. 3 feet deep. 3 hours.

Although since this is Michigan, after all, we may get any combination or none of the above at Camp Roger on February 6 for Michigan Adventure Racing's Winter Edition.

Adventure Racing is my favorite thing to do. Those that know me or have been following along know that I am an ultramarathon runner, love to bike and have competed in triathlons. To me, adventure racing tops them all!

Unlike any other race, teams are given a map and plot their own course, getting to as many checkpoints in the given time as they can. Amazing Race style challenges are also a part of the competition; in the past I've walked on stilts, played hockey on a bmx bike, surfed a sand dune, performed impromptu theater and paddle boarded. Besides the physical challenges, there are often puzzles or riddles to figure out and map and compass orienteering skills are a must!

Hopefully I haven't intimidated you too much because, one of the best things about the races Michigan Adventure Racing puts on is that they are accessible to almost anyone. If you can run a 5k and have a bike you can do one of these races.

Photo: SEarl
Photo: SEarl

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