A man who was killed after being buried alive in corn silage in Van Buren County has been identified. FOX 17 reports 35-year-old John Garth Cummings of Middleville died Friday while working at a Hartford area farm. The accidental death happened at about 6:30 Friday morning at Red Arrow Dairy farm located on County Road 362.

The Van Buren County's Sheriff's office says Cummings was at the farm doing some testing. He reportedly worked as a sub-contractor for a company out of Grand Rapids. Another farm worker found the man unresponsive after he had been buried in the finely chopped corn stalks that are used to feed cattle. Investigators believe he was standing next to a 30-foot high stack of the silage when some of it broke away and fell on top of him. After an attempted rescue, he was taken to a hospital in Watervliet but did not survive. No other information was immediately available.

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