It doesn't matter if you make good picks as long as you make your reservations for March Crabness every Thursday in March at this Portage restaurant.

At Cove Lakeside Bistro, the elite 8 is more about the number if legs a crustacean has than the number of quarter-final teams. It's their take on the madness- "for the basketball fanatic...the big men," all you can eat King crab every Thursday in March: March Crabness.

Make your reservations and plan on spending more than 3 seconds in the lane to enjoy a succulent seafood treat. At $59.95 per person, it's a pretty good wager that you can score a good deal and get your fill of incredible food.

There will be Cinderella stories in the tournament, but the menu is more likely to remind you of Aerial. All the talk will be about claw crackers instead of bracket busters during March Crabness at Cove Lakeside Bistro.

In true Dickie V.'s March Crabness BAY-BEE!

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