Marshall Police are reporting something is up. They’re investigating at least one business scammed with counterfeit bills. And the department is also investigating bad check scams. The Department posting on its Facebook page that counterfeit large bills have shown up in the city. The department reports at least one business is known to have been scammed. There may be others not yet discovered. In the known case, fake $100 bills were used.

A few hours later, the Department reports investigating reports of fake checks being used in scam attempts in the city.  The department’s Facebook page has a link to a Federal Trade Commission website page offering tips about how to know if someone is messing with you. One of the more common scams is where someone buys something from you online. They send a check for more than the purchase, say it’s a mistake and ask you to send the difference back to them. Their check clears and you think everything is fine. But later, sometimes weeks later, the bank determines it was a bogus check and you’re stuck with paying it all back.

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