Meijer is handling Black Friday very differently this year.  Is this good or bad?

There are people that enjoy their turkey coma for many, many hours after Thanksgiving dinner.  Then there are people that line up outside stores in the cold at Midnight to thumb wrestle strangers for the latest Play Station.

According to Black Friday deals begin Sunday, November 18th at 6am.

Meijer is offering a BOGO 50% off select toys which could be pretty awesome for Christmas shopping.  They're also advertising Google Home, smart home devices, Apple watches and big screen TVs as part of this 7 day Black Friday event.  However, they're not showing the sales price on their site for these items yet.

I HATE how this is sounding like a commercial.  I'm just sayin'...if these are legitimate Black Friday sales beginning almost a full week early...I'm in!


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