In response to the United States slapping fees on Canadian steel and aluminum, our neighbors to the North have announced retaliatory taxes that could cost Michigan more than a billion dollars.Yogurt, whiskey, toilet paper, chocolate, cucumbers, insecticides, fungicides, ball point pens, sailboats, strawberry jam and sleeping bags imported to Canada from the United States may soon be levied with a duty fee.

MSN reports "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will impose retaliatory tariffs on $12.8 billion worth of US goods in response to Trump's metals tariffs." An accompanying infographic shows that this will cost Michigan more than a billion dollars. The Midwest will suffer most, as Ohio sent $1.75 billion worth of goods to Canada in 2017, with Michigan second at $1.17 billion.

Unless President Trump lifts tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium, Canada hits back with its own fees beginning July 1.

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