For some you, your prayers have been answered.

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And by some, we mean roughly about 73,000 of you.

Let's see if you are a member of the "holy smokes my Michigan license just got reinstated today" club.

Did they wave a magic wand and poof, all is forgiven?

Well, kinda.

You can thank Big Gretch for this one even though we know a lot of you aren't fans of the Governor.

Starting Oct. 1, Michiganders who had their licenses suspended for failure to pay court fines or failure to appear in court for violations can have them reinstated. The new law taking effect is part of Michigan’s criminal justice reform package Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed in January 2021. (LSJ)

And this thing could be pretty quick and immediate for some people. Of the 73K (that are eligible), half will be able to use their current licenses and the others can get new ones, according to the Michigan Supreme Court.

You do need to check with the Department of State and make sure your record is cleared before you hit the road.

You should already be aware if your license is suspended. So it would do you good to make sure all is well before you get behind the wheel.

You thinking your license is good and getting busted driving while suspended is NO BUENO.

Just because you read this article (and you fall under one of the categories) is not approval or official clearance. You need to get that straight with the state.

Who is and who isn't eligible?

People whose licenses were suspended for failure to pay tickets or court fines or failure to appear in court for certain violations are eligible to have their driving privileges reinstated. (LSJ)

The violations range from open intoxicants in the car, MIP, unpaid parking tickets and more. You can see a pretty extensive list HERE.

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