Tim Wheeler has always loved cartoons, and he's found a way to take that love to a new level and help kids, parents and teachers.  It's something called "Rocketoons" and kids can log on and watch them for free in all 83 Michigan Counties.

Wheeler says the turning point in was when he met the great animator, Chuck Jones, of Looney Toons fame.  He says Chuck told him that he needed to make cartoons.

Wheeler says it's sort of a 21st Century Schoolhouse Rock, where the topics are stressors that kids have to deal with, including cyber bullying, death of a loved one, scheduling too many activities, moving to a new school, and divorce.

Wheeler says studies show kids battling stressors have shorter life spans.

In the video, Wheeler talks about how "Rocketoons" came about, how they're made, and how kids, parents and teachers can use them.

To watch a cartoon, just click here.

Enter your county and state abbreviation.  For example:  CalhounMI

You're in!


  1. Rocketoons are cartoon-based conversation kits designed to give teachers maximum instructional flexibility with minimal interference from time-consuming preparation.
  2. Rocketoons are pedagogically sound primers for facilitating important discussions in the 21st century classroom.
  3. Rocketoons are developed by teachers and counselors, and they are used by teachers and counselors – in the classroom, in one on one sessions, or wherever there is a need to share cogent information and stimulate meaningful conversation.
  4. If you have four or five minutes, you can use Rocketoons with your kids.
  5. If you want/need to develop an in-depth module on bullying, divorce, social media, or a variety of other timely topics that cause stress and disruption in the lives of your students, you can use Rocketoons.
  6. If you want to make a point, share a laugh, or both, you can use Rocketoons.
  7. From one kid to the next, from one teacher to the next, different Rocketoons mean different things. In the hands of caring and qualified teachers, that’s the way it should be. Nobody knows your kids like you do. Hopefully Rocketoons can be exactly what you need them to be, so you can be exactly what your students need you to be.




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