A home invasion, car, and gasoline theft lead to a police chase with an ironic ending.

Mecosta County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a home invasion last week in Morton Township.  A man allegedly broke into the home and stole gasoline.  When law enforcement arrived a car was speeding away from the scene of the crime according to Wood TV 8,

They were able to run a license plate and found that the vehicle had been stolen in Grand Rapids.

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The Mecosta County Sheriff's Deputies began chasing the suspect after they leaned the car was stolen.  That's where this story becomes hilariously ironic.  The man that allegedly broke into a home to steal gasoline ran out of gas during the police pursuit just outside of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

The 41-year-old man from Norton Shores was removed from the stolen vehicle and placed under arrest without incident.

There's no word on how much gas this guy stole.  But here's what we know.  The current average gas prices in Michigan are around $4.91 a gallon.  Most gas cans are 5 gallons.  If this guy just broke into someone's house which lead to his arrest for home invasion and car theft over $20 worth of gas, that is truly bonkers.

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