Could you imagine being sound asleep to only be awoken by yelling from two people who are arguing. You assume things have digressed and the problem is resolved when one of the parties involved left, but instead this was just the beginning. It's an unexplainable feeling to go from sleeping to having to deal with damages to things you own.

To give some background information, this was a domestic dispute between a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, in Kalamazoo. This is not a one time incident, but instead is ongoing banter between the two that has even gotten the cops called out to the 700 SoHo apartment complex, on the campus of Western Michigan University, more than once in the past couple months. There's no clear information on what started the most recent feud between the lovers, but we know how it ended.

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Car Collision

Leaving the presence of someone who is drawing you out of character is always a good idea and many choose to hop in their car and take a ride. The girlfriend here thought taking a drive was the best option, but she didn't want to cruise and clear her head. Instead, her emotions were still boiling and she decided to try and run her boyfriend over. She was not successful but instead hit another car and knocked down two pillars in front of an apartment door. This isn't the first time she's crashed a car either, she's crashed her boyfriend's car in a similar scenario and has struck again, literally.

Consequences Coming

The owner of the car that this young woman hit with her vehicle was awoken in the middle of the night to the sounds of her car being scrapped and smacked, to come out to see her pulling away and damage done to her vehicle. There is very minimal damage to her car but as you can see in the video below it had a rough go and was lucky to come out looking fairly well. The owner is pursuing the option to press charges and is awaiting the process.

On the other hand, she did hit the building and took out two pillars that were attached to the overhead roofing of the walkway outside of the apartment. This is something she will definitely have to answer to, as it will most likely just be added onto whatever other charges she will face and she will have to pay the damages and most likely the repairs as well.

She has already been arrested and released, Im assuming with a pending court date for some type of charges. There's no information at this time as to what she was booked for and what she will be charged with. Moving forward, I hope the boyfriend finds some peace and splits with her. Crazy scenarios happen like this everyday, I just couldn't imagine this happening to me.

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