Another act has started in Whitmer’s soap opera, which is starting to become a saga, I affectionately call “As The Jet Lie Turns”.  This time it was Michigan’s Republican Party that has added to the saga.

On Friday Michigan’s Republican Party filed a campaign complaint with Michigan's  Bureau of Elections.  The complaint has to do with Whitmer using campaign money to pay for her use of a private jet to fly to Florida.

The complaint contends that the $27,521 cost of the flight to visit her father in Florida falls outside of an "incidental office expense" that could be covered by Whitmer's campaign committee under the Michigan Campaign Finance Act.  It was not an "incidental office expense" due to the fact that it was a personal trip "not related to any official business or campaign activity."

Fox News reported that Michigan Republican Party executive director Jason Cabel Roe told them last Friday that Governor Whitmer's actions:

“surrounding this secret, luxury travel to Florida is just another example of her hypocrisy and incompetent leadership throughout the pandemic... Regardless of the governor's purported safety concerns with traveling commercially, she isn't above the law, and must be held accountable”

She has thought for over a year now that she is definitely above her own executive orders, the Michigan Supreme Court snd the law.  

The complaint filed last Friday includes a legal analysis of the situation, saying that, while the Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney's Office:

“may be interested in investigating potential issues of honest services fraud" from Whitmer "demanding the use of a private jet from businesses regulated by and doing business with the State of Michigan, the central issue here for the Bureau of Elections is whether the payment for Governor Whitmer’s personal travel by the Campaign is permissible under the [Michigan Campaign Finance Act]."

I wonder what Michigan’s Secretary of State and Attorney General will do with this complaint?  Do we see a circular file or a slap of the wrist in the future?

Since she was caught trying to get the private company to pay for her private use of their plane her attorney knew she was in trouble with the feds.  That was the reason her lawyer decided to have her campaign pay for the trip throwing it back into the realm of the state of Michigan.  In the State, she would only have to face the music from her two compadres Larry and Curly, pardon me I mean Benson and Nessel.

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