After an order from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer came down stating that all bars and restaurants would be closed to dining beginning Monday afternoon, not to mention several other public places of gathering, employees are going to feel the effects of this in their income. Especially those who rely on tips.

One thing to consider doing to help these workers would be to place a carry-out order at an area restaurant. When you come in to pay or pick up through drive-thru, leave a big tip, as much as you can reasonably afford, and ask that it be divided among all staff at the establishment. Do not do this for delivery, although tip them well too. But in that case, the driver would assume the tip upon payment, and even if directed they don't have to comply with your wishes.

This is one way to help right now while some vulnerable employees are having their income affected in a severe way while also dealing with the same concerns all of us have during this uncertain time.

May we all continue to be the helpers to those in the most need amidst this crisis.

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