An anonymous donor is spreading the Holiday spirit at a local Walmart.

The generous 'Secret Santa' wishes to remain anonymous according to WNEM TV5,

Walmart confirmed with us. The mystery donor paid off around $3,000 in layaway items, focusing on gifts for children.  We've reached out to Walmart to try to find the identity of the mystery donor, but they're keeping it anonymous. So, if you are the donor and watching, the people who you helped have a message.

WNEM talked to Melissa Halladay, one the recipients of this good deed.  Check out the interview below.

Not only did that three thousand dollars go a long way to brightening the Holidays for many Mid-Michigan people, but the news of this event may spark a trend.  Doesn't this story make you want to go to a local store and pay off someone's layaway?

If you are a generous donor or the recipient of a random act of kindness like this, please let us know in the facebook comments.  We would love to get your story out too.


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