The owners of a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee recently had their vehicle stolen and was left stranded.

When I first heard about this incident I assumed the owner of the Jeep trusted a 16-year-old Detroit male to test drive alone.  It turns out the theft was far more brazen than that according to the Daily Tribune,

The teen flashed a large amount of cash and agreed to buy the vehicle after he and the owner went on a test drive, police said. Then as the owner exited the vehicle to get some personal items from the trunk, the teen drove away.

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The owner actually did everything right.  Not only did he go on the test drive with the teen, he arranged to meet the prospective buyer at a public place so he could check out the Jeep for sale.

That's where this story gets crazier.  A co-worker of the Jeep owner jumped in his vehicle in order to chase him down.  As he caught up to the alleged car thief in Sterling Heights, the teen rammed the co-worker with the Jeep and got away.  But not, for long.

Not only did local law enforcement quickly find the now wrecked Jeep and the alleged car jacker.  They also made a surprising discovery on the teen.  That big wad of cash was fake.  The unidentified 16-year-old was arrested.  There's no word on what his high score is on Grand Theft Auto.

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