Great News for Michigan, the number of people collecting unemployment checks has reached a 30 year low.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential News site is reporting that as of last October 39,395 Michiganders received unemployment checks, that is the lowest number since 1987.  This is compared to 363,212 the highest number of Michiganders receiving unemployment checks in January of 2009 totaling 363,212.

We have come a long way and this is truly great news, for most people there is nothing better than be able to contribute to your family’s income and feel a sense of duty.

University of Michigan economist Don Grimes is quoted in the article saying:

Just confirmation that the economy of the state is doing very well.  Our two biggest economic problems going forward are going to be 1) a shortage of potential workers for firms to hire, and 2) an even bigger shortage of better educated and trained young workers.

For you information the Public Act 14 of 2011 is the law in which Michigan lowered the number of weeks someone who can collect unemployment from 26 weeks to 20 weeks.

The question is whether it was due to the Obama administration policies, the Snyder administration policies, general swings in the business cycle or a combination of all three.  If you believe it was partially due to President Obama’s policies, the question must be asked why didn’t most of the other states do as well as Michigan.

Whatever policies helped us recover to this point so far let us hope we can continue down this road of recovery and continue to make Michigan great again!

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