Presque Isle has 2 haunted lighthouses and more stories that are unexplained.

Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state. With a history dating back to 1825, some of the past lingers with the stories and legends of hauntings numbering almost as many as ships that have sailed the Great Lakes. This time we look at the original Presque Isle lighthouse- decommissioned but not dimmed.

It is the light that never goes out. Promote Michigan illuminates this phenomenon:

Even after this light was decommissioned and the tower extinguished, the light was reported shining out into the waters of Lake Huron for many years. The mechanics were eventually removed from the tower, yet still the light would shine.

Some say the light is the spirit of George Parris. He and his wife Lorraine were keepers from 1977 until his passing in January of 1992. Four months later, Lorraine was missing her husband and thinking of him when she saw the light emanating from the dark tower. Some feel it can be explained as light reflecting off the water or the glass of the lighthouse, an optical illusion. Lorraine says, “I started to feel as if it was just George’s way of keeping the spirit of the lighthouse alive,”



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