We see these kinds of numbers all the time. The ones emailed to me today got my attention. And if you know me, you probably know what I'm going to say next: Just how stupid are people.

The basic numbers on this distracted driving study are no surprise - most drivers text, check social media, and talk on the phone while behind the wheel. But these figures from a group called DriversEd.com need need a little clarification.

Regarding texting while driving; 59% of drivers admit that they read texts while at a red light, while 41% admit to doing so while stuck in traffic, 30% at a stop sign and 11% moving on the road. It's that last number that's scary. Think about it, when you're driving around Southwest Michigan, approximately 1 of out ten cars on the road

In addition, 8% admit they type texts "while moving on the road."

That's stupid enough, but it gets worse. "8% of drivers admit that they have watched YouTube videos while behind the wheel, with 6% saying that they have watched Facebook videos, 5% Instagram, 5% Snapchat and 4% Netflix." You can't wait til you get out of the car to see a video? What on Netflix is that good that you can wait to see it? You do know that Netflix is on demand; So when you get out of the car, you can watch it in its entirety?

It's just seems like we need to remember we're all in this together and a lot people failed pre-school, and the lessons that were taught there.


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