Well, I knew this was coming.

It was almost exactly one year ago, in mid-August 2017, that MoviePass announced that they were launching a new pricing: $9.95 a month, and you can see one 2D movie a day at almost any movie theater.

I was excited, and immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Shortly afterwards I started this movie review series, because I was seeing so many films. I have loved the convenience and experience, and in the past year I've seen a lot of great movies! However, I knew it couldn't last.

I don't remember if I said "this won't last a year", but I know I said something similar. This pricing model MoviePass implemented would lead to them losing money for sure, but their goal seemed to be making deals with the theaters so that they could become profitable. Instead, it looks like the theaters snubbed them, and some have even implemented their own subscription services.

Due to their hemorrhaging money, MoviePass in the past month has implemented a few things that have made the experience worse. First, they made you take a photograph of your ticket stub to verify you're using the MoviePass card properly, and this technology was terrible. The app oftentimes didn't accept your photo, locking you out of using it until it decided to work again.

Then, they implemented what they called "peak pricing", where popular showtimes will require you pay a few extra dollars. This was annoying, as it completely obliterates the idea of MoviePass saving you money if you enjoy evening showtimes. However, for me it wasn't a big deal as I always go to matinees and those aren't usually peak times.

However, this week they raised their monthly price to $14.95, and introduced their "premium showtime" model where certain big releases won't be available AT ALL! I told myself Monday that if Friday came and I wasn't allowed to see Christopher Robin, I was immediately canceling my subscription.

Well, I wasn't allowed to see the newest Ewan McGregor film, so that was that. I'm out.

MoviePass, it was a fun ride, and I will say that in the past year I have gotten great value out of your service. But these changes make it virtually useless to me, as someone who wants to see new movies the day they come out for my reviews.

My movie reviews aren't over, but they might be more sporadic moving forward. I'm working on a new method that would allow me to see movies regularly, but paying full price every Friday for my ticket is not my idea of a fun time.

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