I never thought I would be writing about this.  The Detroit Free Press editor Stephen Henderson is calling for the death of Michigan House Republicans who voted for the Detroit Public School System Bailout Bill.

Yes, you heard that correctly.  In fact, he is actually writing and tweeting that they should be murdered.

Now if the Detroit Free Press does not fire this man, then why would you ever support the paper by buying it, or purchasing any product or service that advertises in the paper?

If I was to call for the murder of any politicians, I can guarantee you that I would be fired immediately, and rightfully so.

Detroit Free Press editor Stephen Henderson calling for the murder of State Republican politicians has made the national news via The Daily Caller’s news site, who has written an article describing what he has published.

We really ought to round up the lawmakers who took money to protect and perpetuate the failing charter-school experiment in Detroit, sew them into burlap sacks with rabid animals, and toss them into the Straits of Mackinac,

He then doubled down on his call for murder by tweeting out:

“GOP House harlots deserve worse than hanging for selling out #detroit kids on #DPS bills.”

This is no reason for anyone, let alone an editor of a major state paper, to call for the murder of anyone, wouldn’t you agree?  Here is another example of an extreme democrat who does not like a bill, and is acting out in a childish and violent way.

By the way, Stephen Henderson previously wrote an article calling for Donald Trump to be held accountable for his rhetoric.

“Rhetoric matters, not least because it reflects thought — or it should. Used wisely, rhetoric can make complex ideas understandable or rally people behind a common cause,”

What does your rhetoric mean, Stephen Henderson?

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