Here's a dose of feel-good news straight out of southwest Michigan. As temperatures are rising and flowers are in bloom, residents are preparing to make the transition from spring to summer. Often included in that preparation are numerous maintenance projects such as opening the pool, bringing out patio furniture, and weeding the garden.

For some southwest Michigan residents, those tasks can be a huge undertaking that many are unable to tackle or maintain. Thankfully, that's where the St. Joseph County Commission on Aging comes in!

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Providing a wide range of services to older adults in St. Joseph County, the Commission on Aging (COA) encourages independence and healthy lifestyles, enriching the quality of life for the senior population in southwest Michigan.

In addition to offering Meals on Wheels, counseling in Medicare/Medicaid programs, and gently used medical equipment, the St. Joseph COA also offers in-home chore services.

The St. Joseph COA offered their services in a recent Facebook post saying,

The COA has a chore worker! If you need help with yard work, such as mowing, raking, weeding, or trimming bushes or hedges, please call and we can help... For more information, or to request service, call us at (269) 279-8083

The St. Joseph COA asks that you please keep in mind they are only able to mow city-sized lots and if you have a bigger property they may only be able to mow a portion of your lawn. Regardless, the maintenance they do provide should be enough to keep you from getting fined for an untidy lawn!

It's so encouraging to know organizations exist in our community to help our neighbors. I was surprised to learn in addition to mowing lawns, the COA chore workers can also assist with building ramps, cleaning out attics or basements, and other small repairs in the homes of those 60 or older.

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