When one brewery closes, another one opens! Just weeks after Barn Brewers Brewing in Lawton announced their closure, a new brewery in Three Rivers is setting their sights on a September grand opening.

Located right off of Main Street in downtown Three Rivers, Useless Creatures Brewing Co. is hoping to open within the coming weeks-- and we're here for it! There is certainly no shortage of microbrews here in the Mitten. We are home to Beer City USA after all.

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What's been in the works for just over a year now is finally set to come to fruition. It was August 10, 2021 when the brewery first posted on social media saying,

We know many of you are eagerly awaiting any news at all re: what’s happening with the brewery; believe us when we say we’re equally eager to share. At the moment there’s not a whole lot to say in terms of when we’ll be open or other details like that — we’re hoping it will be soon...

And we've been patiently waiting ever since!

One Year Later

In the year's time since Useless Creatures first shared that news not much has changed, though it sounds like they've been brewing up a storm behind the scenes. Last October when an eager patron asked when the beer is coming the brewery responded,

While we won’t be opening our taproom until sometime next year (likely spring), we are planning to start brewing beer for distribution to other local establishments as soon as our license transfer is approved by the state....it’s difficult to say with much certainty

License Transfer?

Though I'm not entirely sure what the backstory of Useless Creatures is, the building the brewery is occupying in downtown Three Rivers used to be Kelsey Block Brewing Co. My guess is former employees of Kelsey Block stayed behind to open their own brewery and have encountered some red tape when trying to license the facility under its new name. But again, that's just an educated guess!

The official Useless Creatures website doesn't offer much more information other than "We plan to be open to the public in September 2022." but encourages craft beer enthusiasts to check their Facebook page and Instagram for official updates. Hopefully those taps start flowing soon!

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