I don't want to sound like a broken record but with the weather changing so much, football, volleyball, soccer, and other sports starting, and the pumpkin spice theme making an appearance we know that fall isn't far away. This means hoodies, sweatpants, hot chocolate, haunted houses, Halloween, and everything else we enjoy about the fall for us in the Midwest.

There is one fall activity, visiting apple orchards or cider farms/mills, that might be considered the most popular. From taking someone on a relaxing, conversation-friendly, and fun outdoors date, spending some time to enjoy yourself and nature, getting together with a group of friends to hang out, or even a full family trip to the orchards or farm/mill is perfect.

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As I mentioned last week, there are a few orchards in Southwest Michigan you can visit, but Michigan isn't the only place where these wonderful establishments exist. Moving southeast just a little bit and travel into the state of Illinois and you'll find multiple orchards and cider farms/mills that are worth the trip. They all have different opening days for the season but one of them is only a few weeks out.

Raging Rader Family Farms

Rader Family Farms will be officially opening for the season on September 10th, 2022. They are located in Normal, Illinois at 1312 Ropp Rd and they have a full setup of delectable food items, thirst-quenching drinks, and attractions for everyone to have a good time. When they announced opening day for this year's season they also shared that they would be adding some new activities to the farm as well.

Farmtastic Activities

Rader Family Farms is stacked with activities that are farm related but know how to bring out the fun for everyone. Their activities include objects from farms such as animals, crops, tools, and other things. A few of the activities they have available are apple blasters, duck races, funnel balls, roller bowlers, u-pick pumpkins, a little village, and so many more options.

Get Lost in Our Mazes

The farm also has a variety of mazes that your group or yourself if you're a lone ranger, can try and navigate and find a way through the other side. Mazes are nothing new at the orchards/mills/farms, many of them have them and some set up haunted mazes to gain more visitors around Halloween time. The fun part about their mazes is that they are cut by the farm themselves, they change often, and they keep a log of radar photos of their mazes.

Let's Eat

When it comes to the orchards/mills/farms many people are excited about the cuisine options they get to choose from. Granted most of these places are not serving meals but they are provided all the fall essential treats. Lucky for you, Rader Family Farms has a full menu of entrees, snacks, desserts, and drinks to fuel your day outdoors. From coffees, ciders, and slushies to sandwiches, doughnuts, and cookies, they have it all.

They have multiple locations on their farm where you can purchase food and drinks. From the Barnyard Grill and Sidekick Grill which serve full meals to the Harvest Brew Coffee Shop which serves coffee and other beverages, to lastly, the Popcorn Shack and Hitchin Post which serve snacks, desserts, drinks, and everything else the farm has to offer that are edible.

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