A new poll has been released for the incumbent Democrat U.S. Senator Gary Peters and his Republican opponent John James U.S. Senate race.  If you believe in polls this early in the campaign than there are some storm clouds on the horizon for Senator Peters.

The Quinnipiac University poll has Senator Peters leading John James 45%-39%.  Yes Peters is leading by 6 points but there is a 3.4% margin of error which means that Peters may only be up by 2 1/2% or 9 1/2% points.  For an incumbent with a large name identification with the electorate and one who has been spending a large amount of money on T.V. Ads this early in the race that is not a large lead.  Couple that with his opponent John James or PACs supporting him not spending much money at all this early in the race.  Wonder why Gary is spending a lot of money on Ads this early touting that he is willing to work across party lines, that may be so but I have never heard of a single piece of legislation he has introduced.  I also have not heard when he has worked across party lines.  He did vote for the President to be impeached for doing what every President has done before him; that does not sound like working across party lines to me.

The poll surveyed self-identified registered voters broken down by:

  • 28% Republican
  • 31% Democrat
  • 35% independent

Why a 3% difference between Republicans and Democrats?  In today's environment I would give almost all of that 3% to the Democrat side.  That means his lead could be completely wiped out and this race could actually be tied.

If we are to follow the lesson people on the left teach people on the right then in the last election John James ran against U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow.  The Democrats chose the older white woman over the younger black man.  Will they make that same choice once again and choose the older white man over the younger black man?

We will see.  

If they do; could it be due to racism or bigotry that is what the right is constantly accused of by the left and turn around is fair play is it not?

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