Six Calhoun County Schools are listed this week by the state Health and Human Services Department with either new or ongoing outbreaks of COVID-19.  Keep in mind that health administrators consider an outbreak to involved two or more individuals. And in the school settings, those involved may include students, staff, or both.

Harper Creek High School is the site of a new outbreak in the county with 4 students involved.  2 staff workers at the food service department at Harper Creek High School are out with positive virus tests. Tekonsha High School’s outbreak involves officially involves 3 students. But the district now reports on its website that it is closed
until Monday.

Ongoing virus situations are being tracked at Springfield’s Endeavor pre-school and elementary, Battle Creek Central High School, and the Calhoun Intermediate School District office in Marshall where 3 employees earlier tested positive.

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Some other new outbreaks in the region include two elementary schools and 3 high schools in Jackson County. There’s a new high school being added to the list in Hillsdale County, and 3 schools in Van Buren County.

The state’s list of ongoing virus outbreaks includes many in the region. Hillsdale County has two education sites remaining on the ongoing list. Hillsdale High School, and Hillsdale College.  As many as 305 students and staff at the college have been involved in the lingering outbreak there, going back to September of last year.

In Kalamazoo County, 5 education sites are still on the ongoing list. That includes Western Michigan University with over 900 students and staff having positive virus test results at varying times going back to September of last year.  Kalamazoo College is also not being cleared yet with a total of 35 staff and students testing positive, back to mid-October of last year.

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