The NHL announced the four team captains for the upcoming all star game and once again no Red Wings were chosen.  Who could be all stars for the Red Wings?

Dylan Larkin was the best chance for the Red Wings to be a captain.  He missed out with Austin Matthews of the Maple Leafs getting the nod for the Atlantic division.

Alex Ovechkin, Connor McDavid and Nathan MacKinnon are the other captains.   Now these are just the captains for the four teams.   The actual players will be announced later for the annual game which this year will be in San Jose on January 26th.

Dylan Larkin is the best player for the Red Wings and should be in San Jose.    The way Jimmy Howard has played this season you could also make a case for him to be one of the goaltenders for the Atlantic.

If neither Larkin or Howard are in San Jose then I will be surprised.   We will see who makes it in a few weeks.   Who do you think should be in San Jose from the Red Wings for the All Star Game?



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