Are people who lean right on the political scale to blame for all of the United States and Worlds problems?

You would think so with so many Democrats blaming Republicans for all of their problems even overeating.

Now the new or many would say old problem of overeating is being blamed on…you guessed it, the Republicans.

According to NBC News a poll conducted by YouGov found that 50% of Democrats are more likely than Republicans to emotional stress out over political news and they say they are “eating their feelings”.  Apparently these same people even drink more than Republicans.

Dr. Mysore is quoted in the article stating:

Depending on how you’re used to dealing with stress, people tend to gravitate toward that habit more…If you had a hard day, you’ll have a glass of wine, so maybe you’re doing that more. Same for people who are stress eaters — they’ll eat more. If you're more prone to sweat it out when stressed, then you'll do that more.

The experts say that people, I assume very emotional people, should put boundaries around the amount of news they consume in order to maintain their mental well-being.

This is just further proof of the stereo-type that people who lean left on the political scale tend to be very emotional and make their decisions in life on emotion instead of facts and proven outcomes.

I understand that we are all different and are coming from different life circumstances and perspectives but my advice to all when making decisions in your life is to stay away from the emotional side and by the way the desserts.

As I say on my radio show we have all made decisions in life based on emotions and I would bet most if not close to all have been the wrong decisions.

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