The theme of Barack Obama’s tour through Europe these past few days is like a tour of his administration over the past seven years, tearing down the tried and true and suggesting that we replace those things with the failed ideas of socialism and Marxism. He continues to pretend that his ideas will bring security and prosperity to the world. Or maybe more dangerous, he actually believes the things he is still saying.

He told the British that the idea of leaving the European Union is a bad one and counterproductive to the ‘collective’ good. He applauded German Chancellor Angela Merkel for allowing a flood of refugees from the war torn Middle East to flood her nation and overwhelm not only the people’s goodwill but also much of the social structure and infrastructure.

Citizens of the UK and Germany have spoken out loudly and clearly and told him to keep his socialist nose out of their business. In the end, Obama and his continued pursuit of class warfare and minimization of the West may actually be enough to awaken millions not only in America but across the world.

Obama’s follies may well be enough to awaken the anger in our allies like the one that triggered the emergence of Donald Trump, who in the latest national poll is now in a dead heat with Obama’s likely successor on the Democratic ticket, Hillary Clinton.

Maybe in the end Obama and his extremism may be the very undoing of his own  ideas. It’s either that or a world in which Hillary Clinton is considered a moderate and Bernie Sanders a progressive.

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