The danger in writing a piece like this is, as always, sounding whiny and sniveling. But since there's money involved, I guess I can justify it that way.  All this is prompted by news of the Tigers trading Nick Castellanos to the Cubs this afternoon just minutes before the trading deadline.

Now, understand, I'm not a Tiger fan, but I have friends who are, and my team, the White Sox have been in reboot mode for several years now. Other teams I cheer for have tried to do the same with varying degrees of success. Maybe yours have, too, like the Red Wings are now, and the Pistons should, too. Don't even start on the Lions.

There's a phrase attributed to one of the most stored teams in baseball history, the Brooklyn Dodgers, who were lovable losers ('dem Bums) long before the Cubs grabbed that titled. It's "Wait Until Next Year".  I'm sick of waiting. I'm sick of watching the Yankees and the Red Sox on ESPN, the Patriots in the Super Bowl, even the Golden State Warriors during the past half decade.

Yes, I know how dumb this all sounds. No one should define their self-worth by how their sports team plays, but all too often we do. Life is just a little sweeter when you watch your favorite team winning.

Yes, my team won three Stanley Cups this decade. But as fans of any of the hated teams I just mentioned above will tell you. It just makes you want it more.

I may not live to see it, but if you Lions fans ever win a Super Bowl, you will become insufferable boors. Good for you.

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