No one knows how many will show up. But a faith-based group is planning a community Easter observance in Coldwater. So far, no government roadblocks are being thrown into the works. There may be a change in all this later today based on the Governor’s heightened approach to preventing large gatherings of people. The Branch County Prosecutor’s Office yesterday released a joint statement with the County Sheriff’s Department. The two offices say the Easter service appears to be allowable under the closing orders issued by the Governor. But that was yesterday. The Branch County Ministerial Association is putting the event together at a drive-in theater a little west of Coldwater. The Sheriff’s Department and the county prosecutor are offering words of caution, however. They’ve posted their recommendations on a community Facebook page. The size of the event may need to be limited in order to keep everyone safe. And social distancing guideless must be followed.  The recommendations also include a request that the attendance is limited to only people who reside in the immediate area.  The idea is to discourage people from outside the Coldwater area from driving there and potentially carrying the COVID-19 virus into the area and potentially infecting more people.

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