Tis the season for hearty meals and nothing is more filling than a traditional Michigan Pasty. It's known as a staple of the Upper Peninsula, but when you’re craving a pasty in West Michigan where can you find one?

Traditionally used by miners in the Upper Peninsula, these steak and rutabaga dough-wrapped delicacies are the perfect handheld to-go meal. The U.P. wins the pasty game hands-down, but for all of us “trolls” who live down here in the Lower Peninsula, how do we satisfy our pasty cravings? Here are 3 restaurants located in West Michigan where you can get your pasty fix:

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1. U.P. North Sandwich and Pasty Co. – Richland, MI

When I think pasties, I think ‘U.P. North’. The restaurant used to have an Allegan location but whittled it down to only the Richmond shop in 2017. U.P. North offers some of the most authentic pasties around as the owners hail from the U.P. itself. They offer a simple selection of either a chicken pasty or the traditional steak and rutabaga pasty. You can even order take-and-bake pasties by the dozen. Find U.P. North in downtown Richland at 8140 N 32nd Street.

2. Old Dog Tavern- Kalamazoo, MI

If you’re looking to go out-of-the-box with your pasty filling, Old Dog Tavern has got you covered. Using their Spagnotti family recipe, Old Dog offers flaky, buttery pasties with your choice of traditional or Indian-spiced fillings. My favorite is the “Jack Russell” which features beef, jalapeno, and green pepper. In addition to great food, Old Dog offers a fun brew-pub atmosphere with pinball machines and free ping-pong. Check out their menu here.

3. Simply Celia’s- Wayland, MI

I promise you, Celia will make it worth your drive. Using family recipes that have been passed down for generations, this West Michigan restaurant is known for their homestyle meals such as pot pies, casseroles, and of course pasties. True to the name, when it comes to the pasty selection Celia keeps it simple, offering only a traditional beef pasty for lunch and dinner. However, breakfast is a different story.

If you’re visiting Celia during the morning rush you simply must try the breakfast pasty filled with potatoes, onions, bacon, eggs, and cheese—it’s worth waking up early for. Celia and her staff are on break for the holiday season and will re-open January 1, 2022, so don’t plan on starting any of those weight-loss resolutions in the New Year until you’ve had one of her pasties.

Now that you know where to find pasties in West Michigan, the only question left is: gravy or no gravy?

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