After a successful first year, Peace, Love & Little Donuts of Portage is expanding their offerings to include gluten-friendly doughnuts.

If it's not you, I'd bet you know someone with gluten issues. A tasty treat that was once off-limits will be an option again thanks to the decision of Peace, Love & Little Donuts to offer a gluten-friendly option.

An important note: they are calling them "gluten friendly" and not "gluten free" as this is, after all, a bakery with many ingredients that are not gluten friendly. But, if you pre-order, they plan to make the special order of gluten-free little donuts in the first batch of fryer oil before other elements are added. So, while you may not be able to walk in on a whim and get a gluten-free disco dozen, with a little planning you can dunk a donut in your coffee once again and your stomach will be at peace. Love it!

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