Puppies can cheer anyone up. This pooch is proof of that.

Holly here was just a then five-week-old puppy taken in by North Carolina's Adopt an ANGEL with a leg that was broken so badly it had to be amputated. Holly's medical condition did not prevent her from living life to the fullest, though. Far from it.

Adopt an ANGEL posted this clip of Holly moving around just a few weeks later. She's climbing stairs and moving gracefully through a field with her tail wagging excitedly. The organization says there's a list of people trying to adopt her.

With the music to Rocky playing along with her, you can't help feeling pretty pumped up, while also getting a warm fuzzy feeling, realizing just how much Holly has overcome to get to this point.

We're sure she's got many years of running and getting out the energy ahead of her, no matter where she winds up.

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