With the new restrictions, dine-in options may be off the table, at least for three weeks. But, there are plenty of options for dining out in downtown Kalamazoo.

My significant other is a chef and, trust me, he absolutely gets tired of cooking at home. Especially since my skills end at baking chicken and making bland pasta. Of course, right now, we can't go out but thanks to a post from Downtown Kalamazoo on Facebook, we have a list of dine out options.

Let's start with what's shut down temporarily. And I really do hope its temporary.

  • Kalamazoo Beer Exchange
  • Principle
  • Saugatuck Brewing Company
  • The Morning Dish
  • Webster's Prime

The above restaurants will not be offering take out options or outdoor dining for the time being.

If you do have an urge to go sit down at a restaurant there are a few in downtown Kalamazoo offering outdoor dining. Those include:

  • 600 Kitchen + Bar
  • Final Gravity Brewing
  • Fuze Kitchen + Bar
  • Louie's Trophy House
  • Rustica
  • Walnut & Park Cafe

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of outdoor dining in Kalamazoo in November is, "Brrrr!". Aside from the few random warm days we've had recently, it's getting chilly out there. But, there are some places, including outside of downtown, that are offering heated patios for their guests. Read about it below

The list below gives a full picture of who is offering take-out, which it looks like everyone on the list minus those that shut down. You can also see the original post on Downtown Kalamazoo's Facebook page.

Dine Out in Downtown Kalamazoo

I can only speak for myself when I say it is disheartening and frustrating to see small business owners suffering. Especially, the restaurant industry which I'm partial to thanks to my history of serving and bartending. And the fact that my significant other is a chef. It's a weird time. Whether or not you agree with the decision to do another shut down, it happened. Eating out every night is, obviously, not sustainable for the average person but, if you have the option to do so even once a week I'm sure it could make a difference. Our local businesses need our support now more than ever.

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