It was so fast, it would peel the skin from your knees and arms as soon as they slipped off the burlap sack on the super slide that used to be next to Bobick's on Gull Road.

Memory can be funny. Something from 28 years ago can be crystal clear, yet I can't remember what I had for lunch two days ago. If there's ever anything from Kalamazoo history you can't remember, the Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook community is a great resource. Joan recently asked: "Does anyone remember the huge slide that you use to be out in the country, you had to pay to slide & they provided rugs to sit on when you went down, I keep thinking it was on Gull Road?? Does anyone know?"

The memories flowed faster than the blood from a split lip and came quicker than the redness and swelling from the fiberglass friction that marked the bodies of young thrill-seekers who conned some money from their parents to climb the slide and hurtle down at high speed, protected only by a frayed burlap potato sack.

  • The giant slide near the corner of G Ave. and Gull Rd. was still in place into the late 70's I believe. We went on it a few times around 1978 if I remember correctly
  • I loved going down the BIG SLIDE on Gull Road by Bobick's.
  • I can remember going down it & trying to slow myself down by holding on to the sides, Both of my hands had blisters from it!(You were NOT suppose to do that!)
  • Super slide was on Gull Road by Bobick's. You paid, got a burlap sack, and climbed the metal structure. There were maybe a dozen lanes with 2 horizontal stretches between the 3 down-hill sections and then the landing strip. It was painted red and white. Awesome fun times
  • Still have my burn marks but it was so worth it!!! Lol
  • I'm thinking the Gull Road slide with burlap bags was called "the Big Dipper"? , it was next to Migalah(?) Carpet store. Would have been late 60's to at least mid-70's.
  • My brother worked at the one on Gull Road owned by Bobicks you slid down on burlap gunnie sacks I loved it
  • I used to take my kids to the big slide !! I don’t know who enjoyed it more — me or the kids !! HaHa
  • I think almost every slide I went on like that, torched the skin off an elbow, a knee, or a hand... Fond memories of leaving skin on the G ave Gull Rd. one.

The video below isn't from the Gull Road slide but a similar ride. If you've got home video, we've love to see it. Share your stories in the comment section below and keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times until the ride has come to a complete stop.

Bonus Video: Drone Flyover Look at the Abandoned Slideaway

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