Not all heroes wear capes.  Some of them wear maternity pants.

Three children, ages 15 and under, were swimming in Lake Michigan at the First Street Beach Pier in Manistee County when things went from fun to terrifying fast.  They were apparently getting pulled further out into Lake Michigan by the rip current when Alyssa Dewitt saw them waving their hands in the air.

Dewitt told Up North Live about the emotional moment that she rescued the small group of children from drowning,

I put my phone down with 911 on and laid down over the side of the pier and told them what to do, reach for my hand.  Every time I would get them part way up a wave would smash them back down.

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At one point during the rescue one of the girl's actually told Alyssa that she was going to die.  She then promised the girl that she would not let her die and some how pulled each of the kids out of the water to safety.

Everyone involved suffered minor injuries, but everyone is doing fine.  The hero of is this story is 5 months pregnant.  The unborn baby and mom are appear to be healthy after lying on the pier and pulling those kids to safety.

Last fall a teen was rescued after skateboarding off of a pier into Lake Michigan.  You can see that story by clicking here.

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