I read an interesting article in The Washington Examiner which is reporting on a new report by the Migration Institute in which they studied the amount of welfare refugee children receive compared to American citizens children. The Migration Institute is a pro-immigration, independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank in Washington, DC dedicated to analysis of the movement of people worldwide.

Their newly released report titled "Young Children of Refugees in the United States: Integration Successes and Challenges", found that children of refuge parents receive more welfare than poor kids of American citizens.

Does this sound right to you, are you ok with this? I have nothing against the refugees or their children but should we not be concerned first with our citizens children then we can attempt to help the rest of the worlds children.

According to the report the children are receiving food stamps, welfare cash and Social Security.

The article gave a few examples of the findings:
30% of refugee children live in households that received food stamps from 2009-13 compared to 27% of children of American citizens

8% of the refugee children lived in households that received cash welfare, compared with 6% of U.S. citizen households

5% of children of refugees were part of Social Security's Supplemental Security Income program, compared with 4% of U.S. children

The report concludes that this is happening because the refugees come to America extremely poor. Again I feel their pain but if we should take care of our own before we can take care of anyone else.

Do you agree?

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